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Kramer VIA GO2 trådlös presentation

Pris exkl.6 100.00

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Trådlös presentation för alla enheter. Klarar iPad (iOS), Android, Chromebook, PC och Mac.

Detta är en hårdvara som du ansluter till din bildskärm med HDMI och till ditt nätverk med kabel eller WiFi. Enheter som då är trådlöst uppkopplade på samma nät kan då ansluta och presentera bild trådlöst.

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VIA GO² gives iOS, Android, Chromebook, PC, and Mac users instant wireless connectivity with 4K advanced presentation capabilities. The product features content streaming with crystal−clear mirrored images and stunning video playback and includes iOS mirroring via AirPlay™, Windows & Android mirroring via Miracast™, as well as ChromeBook mirroring. VIA GO² is super−compact (7x7cm) and flexible to install with both built−in Wi−Fi and LAN connectivity and includes industry−leading 1024−bit encryption for secure use on the internal network.

  •  Quick and Reliable Wireless Connectivity — A simple and intuitive user interface enables iOS, Android, Chromebook, PC, and Mac device users to instantly connect to a main display without a dongle. 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi–Fi and MIMO antennas establish and maintain a fast and reliable connection.
  •  High Quality Video Streaming — Supports up to 4K@30Hz resolution (using the VIA app Multimedia feature).
  •  Simultaneous Display — Two participants can simultaneously present content on main display.
  •  VIA Product Integration — Seamlessly compatible with VIA Site Management (VSM) Software & VIA Pad.
  •  Easy and Flexible Installation — With a super–compact 7x7cm form factor, it can be discreetly installed on the back of a display, projector or almost anywhere.
Connected Users (Max) 254
Users on screen (Max) 2 (split screen)
External dongle/transmitter Yes, Kramer ViaPad (accessory). Connects to users PC via USB
Range (Max) info missing
Compability Windows PC Yes, via VIA app or Miracast mirroring
Compability Mac Yes, via VIA app or AirPlay mirroring
Compability iOS device Yes, via VIA app or AirPlay mirroring
Compability Android device Yes, via VIA app or Miracast mirroring
Compability Cromebook Yes
AirPlay Yes
Miracast Yes
Google Cast No
Extended Desktop Yes
Wired Video source No
Output Resolution 4K@30Hz
Framerate (Max) 30 Frames per second (mirroring), 60 Fps (HD video streaming)
Streaming HD-Video Yes, Built-in streaming up to 4K@30Hz
Built-in Wi-Fi (Accsess Point) Yes, Intagrated dual-band Wireless 2.4/5GHz 802.11 ac/b/g/n Wi–Fi with MIMO antennas
Wi-Fi Frequency band 2.4 & 5 GHz
Ethernet LAN 1x RJ-45 (Gigabit LAN)
Network integration Yes, VIA GO can both be used in a stand-alone installation, or integrated into a corporate network.
Guest network Yes, VIA GO´s integrated Wi-Fi can be used as a guest network, when VIA Go is connected to the corporate network via Ethernet/LAN
Remote management Yes, compatible with VIA Site Management (VSM) Software for administration, control and updates
Security 1024-bit encryption, dynamic roomcodes (pin), Https security for webinterface
Interactivity (Touch) No
White/Blackbord function No
Wireless USB/PC control No
Moderating Function Yes, first connected PC is moderator. Can lock itself as single presenter and "allow" other presenters
Wireless Conferencing (BYOM) No
Power Supply External Power Supply, 12V DC, 2A
Dimensions (mm) 70 x 70 x 33,4
Weight (kg) 0,4
In the box Power adapter, Power cable
Warranty terms 3 year warranty for hardware, 3 year warranty for firmware and software updates

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